Saturday, December 6, 2008

Rehab: day 3

This afternoon we went on what they call a 'spirit journey'. It was a short hike around the hills in zero degree weather. It was really an excuse to walk to the coffee shop, where my counselor could get her 50% off coffee for the day. It took two miles of walking to get an Americano for $1.25. Then we all sat around the fireplace and talked about our lives before they became trainwrecks and how we could move forward out of denial and into acceptance. Tomorrow we will do team building exercises. I think it will include a relay race around town with a group scavenger hunt and prizes! I want to win because I like winning. I haven't really been social, there are some nice people in my program but they don't seem very talkative.

I snuck a picture of some of them while we took our walk.

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