Wednesday, December 3, 2008

It was a long trip, but I made it.

Omg it was a long trip.

My plan backfired. I tried to get out of going to rehab by hiding in the garbage. It was a pretty good setup actually. I got all the tasty tidbits, I learned that people waste a lot of tasty tidbits.

I was discovered when my roommates opened the garage to take out the garbage. They're slobs and take out the garbage maybe once every month so I thought I would be safe for at least three weeks.

I was wrong.

When they found me two weeks later I thought I had finally evaded my responsibility. But no they said I still had to go and instead of taking the airplane I had to hitch a ride with some people they found on craigslist. They were nice enough, they let me eat tater tots during the ride, but it was like a crazy person lived in the van. They let me hitch a ride, I was greatful.


I am so tired now. I can't eventype. I promise to write more about this rehab business. It is weird. that is all I can say.

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