Tuesday, November 11, 2008


I am going to rehab, as promised, at the end of this month. I will not disclose where for the privacy of my family but also for the privacy of my future fellow rehabmates. I just really like gossip. Usually via text message. All I will say is that this place is going to be near a lot of A, B, and C list celebrities and I will befriend them, or at least wave to them whenever we make eye contact and I will then pretend that we are more than good friends.

There will also be no way to escape. The closest Petsmart is two and a half hours away. I checked the rules on their website and they're going to take away my cell phone -no more texts :-( -and all of my credit cards. .......


They also believe that working in the service industry, specifically in food service or hotel hospitality, is the first step to becoming a respected friend member of society. What am I going to do??! I can't read these rules anymore. I'm going to play my Nintendo DS now.

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