Tuesday, November 18, 2008

We Got Perms and We Loved Them

I am embarrassed that I haven't been posting for a while now. I have a good reason though! My grandma came to visit last week and it was so so fun. We did so many grandma things like get our hair done together and drink lemon tea. We also went sweet breads shopping and ate sponge cakes.

Yesterday we got perms together at the local Asian Salon. I also lightened my color a bit because everyone knows blonds have more fun! I have been wanting a perm for so long and all of my friends were sick of me talking about this perm. They told me I was all talk and no perm so that was the last straw. I mainly got this perm to flip all of them off. I am ALL perm and all talk.

Grandma and I played dress up too. We wore the same outfits the entire time she was visiting. She even taught me how to sew. Here I am showing off a toy I made. I embroidered "Zoe" on it. It doesn't say Zoo or Zee on it, it says Zoe.

Here are pictures of me after my perm. Grandma took me to get glamour shots afterward. My favorite one has to be where I am posed inside a Thomas Kinkade painting! He truly is a painter of light.

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